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Soccer Coaching for Children in Washington, District of Columbia

Soccer for Kids, Soccer Classes for Children in Washington, D.C

Your child will learn much more than kicking a ball around in soccer coaching for children, and soccer classes for children from Kicks Are For Kids in Washington, District of Columbia.

Soccer Coaching
We use a variety of games to engage kids in physical activities. We create a perfect opportunity for your kids to develop multiple skills: They will strengthen their individual abilities, reinforce mental development, and create self-confidence while enjoying the lovely game of soccer..

Soccer Classes
Recreation and neighborhood parks and a few schools are the venues for coaching sessions. There are 3 age groups: 2–3, 4–5, and also 6-8. The minimum requirement for each class is 8  and the maximum number is 16 kids per class. Any classes exceeding our maximum requirement will include a assistant coach along with the coach. For the 2–3 year-olds, we are asking the parents to get involved on the field. This is the only age category requiring that the parents participate during the coaching.

The 2–3 year-olds don't need anything special, except size 3 soccer balls and water for break times. For the littlest ones, we just focus more on playing games and having fun. Dress your kids and yourself in something comfortable to practice.

2-3 Year Old Kid

Cleats, Soccer Ball

Uniforms & Equipments

We'll provide jerseys in separate colors to divide the teams during the actual games. Practice games takes place at the end of each class. We do recommend that the kids wear the proper gear, such as uniform, shin guards, and cleats.


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Children develop physically, mentally, and socially when they take part in Kicks Are For Kids  Spring Youth Soccer Programs in Washington, D.C. (Ages 2-8)
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